Settlement of working time in a law firm - a system solution

Published: 2021-04-28 10:59:54


A significant number of law firms and solicitors settle accounts with their clients on a flat-rate basis - per hour of work. How to efficiently manage the office so that work efficiency is high, while obtaining reliable data in order to settle the contract with clients?

How to report working time in a law firm?

In many law firms, the reporting of work by rank and file lawyers still takes the form of a briefing at the beginning or at the end of the working day. The law firm owner or managing partners delegate their tasks to and pick up from lawyers what was done and what was not and how much time was spent on servicing a given client. Such severance pay they are also held in the form of e-mail.

More innovative law firms collect data in the cloud, for example using the Google Drive cloud or others free solutions , so inherently aimed at consumers (what about the privacy of user and customer data?).

This type of reporting is not tailored the office - reporting is inaccurate, objections to settlements may be submitted by clients, data security is not provided, and possible orders without special software are inefficient.

Dedicated ERP / CRM system for a law office

The solution to the problem related to efficient reporting and work time settlement may be the implementation of a dedicated one for law firms (counselors, attorneys, debt collection or compensation) of the client case management system.

Which law firm management system to choose?

Currently, law firms on the market can choose from many solutions based on various technologies. The most important distinguishing features of the available solutions are:

  • Software installed on office computers vs. browser solution (web),
  • System deployment on the office's server (even hosted) vs. company server offering self-hosting,
  • Payment for FTP account size vs. number of system users vs. Quantity available system modules,
  • Monthly subscription payment vs. one-time payment for a perpetual license.

Is the lump sum settlement of working time available in every ERP system for law firms? Certainly not. If the law firm depends on specific modules and functionalities, it is good to read the program in advance, ask about the solutions we are interested in. - tailor-made system for a law office

Responding to the law firm's needs, we have prepared a solution that meets 99% of expectations the office. What distinguishes our solutions from our competitors?

  • The software is installed in the cloud, on the server indicated by the Customer and it is available from any web browser, so it does not require installation;
  • The server selected for software installation can be the licensor's server or the office, as well as a server hosted from one of the companies available on the hosting services market;
  • The system is available as a subscription or a one-time payment - at the discretion of the law firm;
  • The cost of the license depends only on the number of selected functions (modules software).

How does legal time settlement at LegallyCRM work?

The flat-rate working time settlement module is available in each subscription - regardless of the version of the system will be chosen by the law firm.

The operation of working time settlement is based on the declarative time - entered by the system user (e.g. lawyer or partner in the law firm) in the performance of a given activity. When adding an action, the lawyer describes it and declares the time spent on the task.

The value of the settlement comes from the multiplication of the value of 1 hour of working time assumed for the client / case in PLN and real working hours declared by the lawyer performing the task. Such a time conversion work, collected in a collective report, allows you to generate a collective invoice for the customer for a given period of time, made activities.

If you want to access the demo version  LegallyCRM , write to us.

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