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Published: 2021-04-28 11:09:22


The sale of many companies on the market is based on the so-called multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing. It is a form of promotion of own services and goods where the sale is made by unemployed persons or employed under civil law and agency contracts. Most companies face the problem of broad settlement sales structures, where the amount of remuneration depends on many factors. How to keep billing i effective monitoring of the effectiveness of the sales network? Please read the article below.

How do companies based on MLM sales work?

Building an effective MLM sales network requires a lot of commitment, starting from the recruitment and selection process suitable candidates, ending with the implementation (onboarding) and retention of people in the organization. Leaning companies their MLM sales are increasingly entering the path of professional action, relying on modern IT solutions.

What do MLM companies most often work on?

- Microsoft Excel - conducting multi-level financial settlements and sales registration in this formula no it is efficient and transparent to participants until the end,

- cloud tools, such as Google Calendar or Google Drive (including spreadsheets provided by Google),

- web and desktop solutions not dedicated to the MLM industry - universal systems offered by a number of IT companies on the market.

Dedicated MLM system - transition to a higher level

For some time now, solutions dedicated to companies selling goods and services in MLM system. When choosing such a system, it is worth paying attention to a few basic issues:

  • Is the MLM software a cloud (browser) solution or requires installation on users' computers?
  • If it is a browser-based solution - is it possible to install / deploy the system for mlm takes place on the provided or hosted server of the company, or maybe such a server is already provided by the provider software?
  • What is the system access billing model? Is a software developer charges a fee per disk space, the number of users registered in the system, or perhaps selected users system functionality?
  • Is the billing for the system monthly / subscription or maybe it is one-time payment for a license?
  • What technology and security standards are there in the system?

When choosing a system for MLM, it is worth asking the above questions and answering the question we have expectations of the system.

Necessary functions in the system for the MLM industry

One of the basic functions of the system is the settlement of MLM structures (agents, sales representatives) with earned commissions. Due to different billing models in MLM companies, the implementation of a unique model in CRM system is usually possible only after consultation with a programming company.

The modules that should be included in the system also include:

  • billing module based on an invoice or contract of mandate / work;
  • module for internal communication between the structure;
  • earnings forecasting module;
  • module for defining the type of services or products sold;
  • internet marketing module.

System for MLM -

MLMsystem is a preparation solution for companies selling in the MLM model. Meeting the expectations of the market we have prepared a solution that is fully tailored to your needs. Read below what modules we provide to ours Customers or see the offer on the dedicated website & nbsp;

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