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GDPR management system

The personal data protection management system was created in response to new challenges faced by most companies that process personal data.

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Permission control

The system enables the control of authorizations granted to company employees in the scope of access to personal data.

Generator of contracts, authorizations, registers

All authorizations, contracts, forms, data and risk management policies in one place.

Incident handling

Handling notifications of GDPR violations in the System thanks to the integrated e-mail.

Web software

Access to the system is possible from a web browser from anywhere.

Thanks to the personal data protection management system you will meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The personal data protection management system does not store or archive the data of the company's contractors or clients. It is primarily used to improve the management of authorizations and authorizations that a company grants and receives in the field of personal data. Thanks to the implementation of the system, it is possible to quickly control authorizations, systems, the scope of data processed, authorization expiry dates, and incident handling. The system also helps to generate documents necessary to demonstrate the implementation of the GDPR in the company.

The cost of implementing the system on the client's server depends on the exact parameters and purchased modules, it ranges from PLN 25,000 to 50,000 thousand. PLN. If additional programming of functionalities is required, they are billed in accordance with the programmer's hourly rate - PLN 200 gross / hour. Feel free to contact us for individual pricing.